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Confirm the proper operation and maintenance of your photovoltaic plants with our innovative monitoring system

Engineering services

Using the innovative photovoltaic monitoring system we have developed, we check the proper operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants in real time.

We develop optimization tools for the electricity and gas market.

We evaluate the performance, availability and performance ratio (PR) of photovoltaic plants based on IEC 61724.

Monitoring characteristics

PV Live has created a monitoring system for PV plants, which enables the user to confirm the correct operation of the PV plants on his own, even if they do not have technical expertise in photovoltaics.

The operation of all the PV plants is presented to the user on one page. User is not required to navigate and click many times in order to determine the existence of a malfunction or confirm the correct operation.

Created by engineers with experience in supervising the operation of PV plants. User receives only the essential information for the operation of PV plants and no unnecessary data